First, you worry about what they think.
What should you wear, how does your
hair look? What does your voice sound
like when you respond to others?

Later, you notice how you feel when
you are around other people. Why do
I feel anxious when I’m in her presence?
How is it that I am questioning myself
everytime he is around?

Next, you begin to hear yourself
talking to you inside your head. Why
do I let this person have any effect on
me at all? Why don’t I speak up when
that person is being a jerk?

Eventually, the voice inside your head
is louder than the chatter in the room.
“Hey you, that anxious feeling you are
experiencing is coming from you!” 
“Stop questioning your own ideas, 
you don’t need reassurance from
those who don’t know you.” 

Listen to the voice inside. It knows you
better than anyone else in the room