I’m selfish
when I call you
funny, and
in that order.
Physical compliments 
as book ends to your personality, because
I’m selfish
and want you to know
I care about your looks
but not just your looks.

I’m selfish
when I don’t wake you up
before work
so you can get more sleep
and I can write
without taking from our
‘together time’.

I’m selfish
when I buy fast food
instead of making you cook
because my cooking sucks
compared to yours. 

I’m selfish
because I think about you
and worry too much that I can’t possibly
be your best person,
that you’ll find someone else
and see through my ruse, see that
I’m selfish
because I’m afraid
there’ll come a day
when I want you
more than you want me,
and I’m bad at letting go,
too clingy,
too bratty,
too selfish.