Dear unseen, unknown, uncertain source,

Could you please send a catalogue of words that mean good, happy,
yes, positive, hooray, yippee, yea and yay too?

You must have columns and pages and lists available for times when the butter begins to melt in the clean skillet
and the smell is good but the words are not good enough for that smell
of lusciousness, luxe, luck and fortune, that fragrance that a woman loved,
for sure, long before recorded time.

I need options for words I can say when the cream comes down in the
glass of iced coffee and the beauty of its coming leaves me speechless.

Please show me the choices you have available for the buttery yellow happiness of work going well, of nothing wrong, of things so right it may be bad luck to mention them—you’d know. I don’t.

I’d like the catalogue now, please, or at least in two days, like Amazon Prime.
Buying all the words I need could be a problem, so please send information on your literary leasing programs as well. Do you have rent-to-own?
And can you tell me how to reach you?