All the ambitions I have had have had leaks like defective boats.  
All the words I have had have had meanings  I didn’t mean.  
Everyday shadows shadow everyday people every day.
All the dollars I have had have had other places to go,
to oil companies, back to the government that printed them,
to insurance companies that ensured my soul would never be ravaged
by riches, and all the angers I’ve had have had reasons
to grow in my gut like pearls in oysters, but I think my shadow
has had enough of shadowing me. It’s ready to roam alleyways
and haunt coffeeshops without me cramping its style–a teen’s parent–
and I admit my humanity has made me want to hide
from bill collectors, from conversations, even pleasant ones, shit,
from my own shadow. Shadow, the years we’ve had together have 
pulled me apart. Though we’re parting, you’ll always be part of me.