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Lexington Poetry Month

sewing feather to bone

If you caught me year ago, i would have stuffed all these broken birds into my coat pockets,
balled-up fistfulls of crooked wings and taped up legs,
all cawing and hissing and vengeful-
Woulda anxiously stuck my fingers in to feel the bald spots and get pecked around my nail beds,
all chewing and spitting and messy and Sick-

but my Body’s grown too big now for all that spare room between hips and pockets; belly too full to entertain guests.
a woman gets bigger and bigger and bigger and all those birds get pushed clean outta her like a tube of toothpaste.
no more nests, no more feathers, no more loose thread from trying to sew it all together.

6 responses to “sewing feather to bone”

  1. mtpoet says:

    gets pushed
    outta her like a tube of toothpaste…
    Very nice, very strong, very final…

  2. Susan J Leathers says:

    Oh this is wonderful

  3. A. Taylor says:

    Very interesting imagery.

  4. Chappy says:

    I like the crunchy snake-like broken birds. Very righteous effort

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