Shadow Moon (November 14, 2016)  

I am standing beneath
a bright night sky
lit by a Super Moon
visiting close for the second time
in my life
It is so bright
I close my eyes and wish            
            I could absorb it.  

But there is a shadow behind it            
            almost surrounding it.
A shadow so dark the whole world            
            quakes in fear,  

I feel the light            
            let it wash over me
trying to cleanse the pain            
            the anger            
            the hurt            
            the hate
from those too blind to see.  

This day
this light
this historic moment
can it replace
            the horror visiting me            
            the world            
            my fellow man?  

Shall I just stand up            
            shake my fist            
            cry out to them?  

I cannot,
I must reach out            
             touch you            
             touch them            
             love them
and hope
the cloud will fade and
love will reign,
It is our only hope.  

Tony Sexton