While I was on my morning walk
I saw a man a-swimming
In the Gulf of Mexico.
My mind went to the Jaws theme song;
I thought about the flick I love
From 50 years ago.
I thought about that poor young girl
Whose swim was interrupted
In the shark’s big opening scene.
You’ll remember that the guy she met
Had failed to swim beside her
Due to drink; he wasn’t mean.
I’m sure if I had picked her up,
I’d join her in the ocean.
(That’s a wholly diff’rent fiction.)
To let her swim alone while drunk
Asea in darkened waters
Seems a duty dereliction.
But then there is the dude I saw
While I was morning strolling:
Did he ever get attacked?
I’ll never know; I just kept walking.
It was broad daylight, you see,
Also, my morning was jam-packed.