My daughters were giving me one-word poetry prompts. One of my girls gave me the word, “she,” and I ended up writing this: 

She always wanted to be a heroine
Slap on a suit
Do something brave
Save the world
And look good while doing it 
Defeat the bad guys
Create something great
Make it all look easy 
But she’s in her pajamas 
Bravely facing another day
Achingly human
She takes care of her children
Each one unique
She battles laundry and dishes
Wipes tears and tushies
It all looks messy
Nothing like the movies 
How many women have played Wonder Woman?
Those “suits” 
Think they are important –
But can be replaced 
Any day
Jobs are jobs are jobs
And she can do them
But only she  
Can hold the title 
Revered through ages
A privilege and responsibility
Those little humans
Call her, “Mom” 
The power is within her!
Watch her throw off the fetters 
Of a transactional world
She is more than a job
An object
Or an expectation
She has embraced 
An economy of love 
While others may
Seek to dominate, capitalize
And have control
A mother is sacrificially
Forming souls 
She is saving the world