And so she follows
Inspiration strikes and so does she
Sinks her teeth into your stomach and opens you up
Grins with mildewed teeth as blood drips down her chin
So breathe in the fumes and escape while you can
Let the haze envelop your senses and corrupt your dreams
Goals blessedly slip away and all you’re left with is desire
Hips rock, lips lock and retinas burn until they can no longer
But she finds you again as you slumber
Arms reach from under the mattress and pierce, ripping down your sternum
It’s not all doom and gloom they say
But they don’t live in the same world
They don’t see how her curls cradle
The edge of her grin, just as she
Embraces you and makes you forget
But she will never leave you
Reminders dangle just out of focus
Every silver hair that obscures your vision
Every bout of horrendous indigestion
She slashes your tires, chews on your wires
Spits you out and picks your remains from her teeth
One day she will catch you
The only question is, will it be on her terms…
Or yours?