You are a blue mountain dragon wreathed in the greenest fire, nothing like the sun,

rather an earthly atomic guarding the trudging road to Eden.  For me

there is no life, you have judged me scales and sword, blind as the days we loved.

There is justice for all, mercy for few, but not for me.

You are entity.  You are filled with me.  Out pour the colors of your jealousy.

I am filled with nothing. Here is the reality. You don’t want to lose me.  

Here I am, if you want to use me. Nothing lasts forever as I float across your way.

If I burst you will know we are all temporary.

The river of forgetfulness reaches to Mount Purgatory, and hell was the journey.

Those years of walking together we couldn’t forget. We climbed the hill to heaven

but I fell again, and again, many times over, and you dreamed when you were mine

Mr. Goldman.  What we believed in didn’t set us free,

it’s that you floated on a weather balloon up to heaven,

and you lassoed me up to a seat on the highest of God’s moons, buffalo girl.