saw bigfoot yesterday
along 19 South
on the right
among tall green grass
and taller longleaf pines

he was eight to ten feet
dark figure emerging from the forest
my quick glance
then another
collected info

he was not real far
from a white frame house
could have been a silhouette
cut from a sheet of plywood for fun
or a sculpture
or, actually him

the image
now burns in my mind
I thought of turning around
shooting a pic for proof
but once on the road
I rarely retrace

when I was young
bigfoot was a possibility
for me
seems less likely now
with man’s intrusion
into dense forests
and mountain tops

who truly knows
of his existence?
the deer, the wildcats
that roam the deep forests
mountain lions, panthers
wolf, bear and fox —
they know the woods
scent of friend and stranger 

they’ve seen him
or not
their unbiased knowledge is pure
let’s ask them