Do you have a calling card?
Kindly drop it in the dish
What occasion brings you here
Is there something that you wish?

Hard for me to see your face
Your cloak enwraps you wholly
Step into the light a bit
Please speak so I may know thee…

I am Sir Vermilion
I am here from Cinnabar
Straight to the House of Shadows
Alchemy commands me far

To stand here in your doorway
In the sun of burning rays
Seeking too the heat of love
Upon your beguiling gaze

This mix complete, I confess
I have come for one thing true
It could not be done alone
Your shadows drew me to you

In my purse is quicksilver
Mixed with sulpher to complete
Without my cape you will see
why destiny had us meet

I need your will to be mine
My calling card is fire
And yours is love so devine
Abundance spills desire

Into the caldron’s rapture
Until the Red Smoke rises
Signifying surrender
Red is my only defense

As to why you are absorbed
By this heat of fiery blend
With a stranger by your side
Without warning for this end

Yet you will soon learn of light
Hues of Red reality
And now Vermilion gives
us both Immortality