I want you to trust
that time is magick,
that it’s ok to
fall in love with a place you found because you
fell for the person
you wanted your partner to be.

It’s ok if you fell for potential
a time too many.
It’s ok even if you married it.
Even if you left behind dreams
and loved ones, 35 years piled mile high.
It’s ok, because the lessons are many.

The lessons keep unfolding each time
you find someone to unfold yourself to.

And if their heart catches yours, darling,
always, always let them know. Even
if it was illusion. Even
if it was you who got carried away again.

I need you to believe
that as much as you may break,
crash down like a rockslide
that can block a continental divide,
keep reaching for your friends.
With a few strong allies you
can see the widest vistas.

The horizon reinvents itself twice every day,
more if you’re attentive. And when you hurt
and when you soar, you’re attentive.

Attend to reinvent.

Reinvent for you. Each day, write your
love letter to yourself.
Reinvent, infatuated
with the once strange, lonely place
that lives up to its potential every time you
remember to watch the skies and trust that
every change in season holds its magick.

After all this time, dearest,
don’t be afraid: remind yourself
how you know you know
the magick is you.