The three-nager has snuck in our bed

Just like many mornings before
She cuddles against me
With love and trust
She wiggles a bit, stills –
Then I hear her little snore 
Her tiny body is warm against mine
If I could only stay an hour more!
But duty calls
Life beyond four walls
The clock says 
I’ve got to get out the door 
I slide my hand from beneath her head
Remove her tiny foot from atop my thigh
I stealthily remove myself 
From her embrace
Smell her soft blonde hair
Breathe, and sigh 
Later today, I’ll know I’ll get busy
She may whine and throw fits
But right now, 
My dear little one
Is peacefully sleeping
I treasure sweet moments like this 
I could accomplish astonishing goals
Find precious jewels or antiques
I could travel the world 
And find nothing that compares
To this precious soul
This precious soul, who sleeps