Sleeping with myself

Tangled in soft sheets

My curls bouncing on my cheeks

The scent of eucalyptus on my pillows

Intermingled with your scent 

Embedded into my sheets

The softness of my cover

Curled gently into my hand

The softness of my skin

Brushing against my sheets

The warmth of the morning sunshine

Peeking through my window

Gently kissing my face

An easy way to start my morning

I enjoy this peace

This quiet solitude to myself

Though I can imagine you next to me

Your body breathing smoothly

Heat off your back against my breast

I enjoy this time to myself

To awake heavily 

Still under the lull of sleep

A haziness through my lashes

As I become more aware

Of how my body takes up 

The fullness of my bed

Arms and legs long

Seeing how I am only here in this space

No companionship in this moment

But the fullness of self in this moment

To not always have you there

To know I can have comfort

To wake up with myself