Sure as the sun is hot
Was the flame you inspired in me
In the middle of a mental warzone
Straddling nightmares and daydreams
While offering only the slightest promise of both
Tied up in budding futures
This wasn’t a place for budding romance
A damn shame because we were kindred
From the aspiration to seize our lives
To the weaknesses we cannot overcome
My enemy manifested
In the words you can’t find to say
My reflection too perfect in you
Inhibition fear and fantasy
All setting up a regretful demise.
But the point is not to succeed
Despite the bonus that brings
But to know that the failure isn’t mine
I stood to say let’s do this
But you’re slightly not strong.
I’m not strong enough
To make up the difference
One day I will be
Well beyond your fading memory
Evanescing in time
From that moment love finally became true
And you weren’t strong enough to seize it.