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Lexington Poetry Month
Small Gestures
article by
Elizabeth Sands Wise

This morning
when we open our cards
both are bad puns–
“I love you a hole punch”
“hey there, hot-tea”–
and thirteen years in
we affirm our 
shared life:
nerd humor
small gestures
hot black tea and good books
rising early for quiet
waiting for the light
footsteps shuffling overhead
promptly at seven
when their clock turns green

7 responses to “Small Gestures”

  1. Lovely. A slice of your life.

  2. T.M. Thomson says:

    I really, really like this poem, both because it is well-written and because I can relate to it.

  3. Rae Cobbs says:

    I enjoy the quiet of this poem.

  4. Lori Taylor says:

    Perfectly painted picture. 🙂

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