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Lexington Poetry Month

small things


at sleepovers
we’d bang on my keyboard and
eat cheap pizzas and
lay on the floor and
wake up with spider bites.

those friends,
i have to give it to them.

their houses were nice and showy
and their parents had things and made money.
how they managed to sleep on my basement floor,
on those thrifted air mattresses
that whizzed and sank all night,
and kept coming back

they must’ve really liked me.

4 responses to “small things”

  1. mtpoet says:

    I think the last line asks us to reexamine the others for the truth…

  2. Karen George says:

    Intriguing last line!

  3. I remember this exact feeling. You render it well.

  4. Regan says:

    The line “…their parents had things…” is very vague which prompts the reader to recall their own specific memory. It helps us to connect with your poem more. Great job!

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