I wrote a poem about being stuck in a half-full plastic water bottle
At the beginning of spring

My head was hurting and the air felt
A Lot like it feels today– 

The list is long for things to do
And it’s that point of summer 
Where the saying goes from,
“We’ll do that this summer,”
To, “we’ll do that next summer”
And it’s ok

I turn on the faucet outside and hook up the hose
The cold water comes out like a sprinkler
And it feels nice 

Morning walks with slight breezes
And homemade vegetarian tacos
Are the days
Tubes of paint and trying to find the best prices for canvas 
Seem to be the themes for business
And my old typewriter is still on the floor of my office 
I still have no idea where to put it
But I love looking at it