didn’t they outlaw
that shit back in the
early aughts or what-
ever? ain’t no way
you’re gonna get this
approved, ain’t no
way you’re gonna
get this right so just
relax a little, let your
hair down, play a-
round awhile—‘cause
what we’ve got here
is a bona fide predic-
ament, a case of mis-
took or taken, miss
guided, mal-shapen
mise-en-scené. Take
two: it’s 1983 and your
hair is BIG. you’re late
for dance class. garbage
bag pants and the big T
swoop cut at the neck.
yeah yeah yaz you’re
wearing hoop earrings
with a scrunchie and ya
can’t stop now. don’t go
but, girl, you still gotta
finish that cig before
you dash into class.