I’m so glad I get to be one of the last to die
Blessed I won’t have to compete
I hate my phone most of the time
I hate all this concrete

Implanted nanonets will bring strange dreams
Blue eyes, huge member and Afro hair your 3 parents’ crazy scheme
Can’t get fat, forever lean
Named you after Grampa Goldstein

Don’t be tempted not to pay that price
To spend your credit on something nice
Install the right wetware, it’s best left unsaid
Of what that virus could do to your head

Your boss said you don’t have enough fingers
To run the new screens
New recruits have fourteen
No reason here to linger
There is no in-between
It will suck to live forever
and be obsolete

The children of the very rich
will do amazing things
The rest of us, as we always do
Will feel somehow incomplete

But we really will be