Since Covid I’ve craved soft
          Soft people who listen and care,
                      Soft clothes with soft voices wrapped around me
                                  in a soft steady back and forth

Covid turned down the velocity ~ the pace made space,
for a while it was easy to turn inward,
           to feel balanced,
                      to ‘keep-on-keepin-on’

Soft doesn’t sting, isn’t sharp or bitter, doesn’t try to beat me out, come in
first, take the best

Soft doesn’t have a finish line or a blue ribbon to win,
Soft like turtle’s steady calm wings ~ wins the race

Soft doesn’t want more, has enough
like velvet’s gentle embrace next to satin
like whipped cream foam,
Soft adorns a decadent dessert

Soft words are caring and kind,
            a pillow that is mine,
                        a faithful hammock swing
                                    the shade of two 50-year-old family fig trees

Soft is a gentle breeze,
wrapped round a jacaranda,
            raining sweet purple flowers in a reign of royal wonder,
                        safety in the sound of thunder

Soft is a woven tapestry,
           setting a spell 
                    a lovely tale to tell

                                                   Soft is coming Home