Care or concern for someone or something
things that I possess fully enough to inspire a maternal yell 
tired of my, compulsions 
in junior high

Concern, especially
I worry about her ten times a day at least or eleven
out of sight out of mind but not out of fingertips or shoulders

is she alone?
and is it a good alone or the kind she was that summer of sex with a straight girl?
are there bears?
there could be bears, in all her mighty swagger she is no match for a bear
or did she forget to make breakfast because
a cigarette and a coffee felt full until 11:30
and then 
did she have to decide between eating her lunch and being hungry at 4,
or waiting for the appropriate time?

I don’t think she worries, about my weight, maybe, and the train
she can see me tense up in her head, yes, I bet she worries about the sardine train.

I’m concerned as an overalled friend throws lighter fluid on the fire and forgets to end the stream
I’m concerned as my sister flips off a fellow driver who could totally have a gun in his trunk
I’m concerned as she climbs to the edge of the cliff and I dial 911 preemptively 

Live a little, Jesus.