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Lexington Poetry Month

Some Thoughts on Beauty


Hey there ditch lily
You sure do blaze so brightly-
and so fleetingly.

The roller derby ladies were loud,
and drew curious glances
jostling for coffee in the hotel lobby. 
Muscled thighs and high ponys,  
they were not young and wore no makeup-
but had thick numbers scrawled on their arms.
One had a wild gray streak in her hair
and a direct gaze: they had won.

Years ago I heard the phrase:
“You are old enough,
and ugly enough now
to do what you want.”
I thought it was so unkind.
Now I  find it to be  freeing-
no longer worrying
about the surface of things,
and getting to the heart of living.

6 responses to “Some Thoughts on Beauty”

  1. Chappy says:

    Interesting perspective. I would ditch the first stanza.

    • Tania Horne says:

      Thanks for your input. I wasn’t sure if they would hang together – really seperate pieces but to me similar topic. 1st one is a Haiku. Too late to take it back! 🙂

  2. Mike Wilson says:

    Captures something most guys would never know. I benefited from reading it.

    I agree re the first stanza, unless you expand a little to fill out in a way that the reader will see connects with the rest.

    • Tania Horne says:

      Thanks for the input. I will contemplate where I was going with these and see if I can present it better.

  3. mari leet says:

    I can tie the three together in the thought that it refers to what is beautiful…I hope that was your intent!
    It works for me!

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