all of



                         at some point



my phone
                       slipped from my pocket
         on the ground
mere minutes
                                          long enough
                  for a scavenger

passerby says
                          let me call it
passerby says
                                     why take it                       (just turn it in
                                                                                  like, right away)

passerby says
                          can’t say I’m shocked
                          you know todays world

plenty of people willing to help
                                       (let me call it for you
                                         is the sound on)
my scream is barely contained

plenty of people willing to help
                                but one possibly


would like to hope in goodness
         not assume the worst
but still
         another letdown to keep me low

even if not picked up still gone
                                               vanished from sight

I return home empty

whose is blame
God or man
whats the difference

this newest trial
a potentially deadly blow
to already fractured man