Three months now in self-isolation and we’ve done it all. 
Cleaned the closets.  Got the garden in shape.  
Learned to order groceries online.   Finished 48 crossword puzzles. 
Signed petitions.  Mastered the remote to our smart TV.  

Inhaled each magnolia blossom as it opened and died.
Eaten so healthy-at-home that we’ve each lost ten pounds.
Endured a two hour virtual graduation party.  

Discovered we liked spending more time together. 
Eventually got on each other’s nerves.  
Slid in to the lethargy that grows from an excess of intimacy,
from helplessness, seclusion, heat and humidity.  

Outside, we visit friends on porches and in yards
at a six foot distance.   Strain to hear voices from behind the masks.   
We come home and for a moment forget
that we are permitted to be closer than six feet.  

We take country rides, still on one tank of gas from months ago, when our
Kroger points knocked the price down to a shocking 59 cents a gallon.
Drive by our favorite restaurants, reminisce about lamb rogan josh and tom kah.
Pass our old movie and music haunts.        This is too hard.  

Needing Something To Do, I suggest the car wash.   

Remember, I said, when I traded in my old used car for a newer used car
and after the transaction was done and the bells and whistles explained,
the nice sales guy, almost a friend by then, said  “Linda.  One more thing. 
Don’t let this car
get like the one you brought in here.  Wash it once in a while.” 
And I have, thinking of his affection for cars and his tolerant grin.  

In truth, I have always liked the washing cars thing, starting with my best friend’s brother and his ‘57 Chevy that he allowed us kids to wash and polish in the driveway.
I loved going to carwashes, too.   Such an uncomplicated activity.  

So, we head in to Clean Sweep, and maybe I am the last person in this town to discover
a car wash with colored LED lights?    First  vibrant purple (makes my heart leap),
then cool blue and green, blazing red, while the funny fingers slap noisily
against the windows and doors, and water gushes in waves.    I consider
whether the rainbow of colors has some political intent or if it is just car-wash eye-candy, no extra charge.  

Unable to march, unmotivated to write or cook yet another healthy meal,
this has made my day.  

Something to do.     I am a teen with too much time on my hands, done talking to everyone I know.    Waiting for life to happen.