There’s always something something something
That walk down the street when you realize your
Only child
Doesn’t have neighborhood kids to play with
And coming back to a basement with a leak
You don’t know how to fix
And thinking about that degree you still want 
But never got
And clothes that don’t fit right because you’ve gained weight
Or because you’re on your period
And you hate every hair and inch
And mirrors are like magnets
Repelling you
And sure you see the wildflowers
And the golden wash of sunlight as the day ends
And sleeping cats melting into windowsills
And the moon as it curves pale in the sky
But how do you wrench your brain
A 90 degree burning turn onto a new track
When those something something somethings 
Are like sticky tacky tar
Melting in summer hot sun
When you can’t pull your sneaker free 
And the smell follows you all the way home