(Sometimes) God is Hard (of Hearing)


Thick oily dark hair
(protecting the non 
innocent by changing 
identifying characteristics)
(or perhaps protecting myself)
doesn’t give (any) one the right
to teach our young to lie
(& not even doing a great
job of lying), how to choose
extracurricular activities
(we won’t even go into this),
 or acceptable social be-
(to be or not to be) hav(e)-
(to have or not to have) ior 
((adjective (i.e. a ”rotten” egg, 
a “cloudy” mind) this and compare 
to what might be tied more closely
to an authentic life)).  We must show
(not just tell) our young how to sniff thorny 
air (& not thorny air), put their hands (& 
whole bodies) in rich soil (discern the difference
between soil and plastic bottle litter—which
turns up all around the world), and 
pull their big under- (unseen as well as seen)
wear (used & worn & 
purposeful) up. 

Melva Sue Priddy