Life is an open book 
in the middle of the road;
the intersection of Loudon
Ave. and North Limestone.
Two young men stand
on the concrete corner.
Hands on their knees 
like they are in school
& the ball is out of bounds.
Pages turned by passing 
cars or a swirling wind.
Everyone runs a yellow 
there is no way to stop them.
Heads tilted, the young men 
examine the nature of the book
from the safety of the sidewalk.
Try to decide if it’s worth it,
worth it to dart out into traffic.
Worth it to save a tattered life.
A changing crosswalk sign blinks.
The car behind me taps once
on the horn.
In this world that’s just trash 
on the road.
My story is left vulnerable 
on the asphalt 
whole, still open. 
Pages turning in the breeze.