At Thanksgiving years ago, 
we sat down with a Spaniard named Juan.  

El Madrileño smoked a succulent turkey 
in a Big Green Egg.  

The basic truth about turkey 
as Americans generally make it,

is that you need a gallon of gravy 
before it feels comfortable in your mouth.

Before I realized my mother’s Pavo a la Pepitoria 
was nestled next to Juan’s chunk of breast, I exclaimed

Juan!  This is the best turkey I have ever eaten!
My mother began to cry.  

Pavo a la Pepitoria is browned 
and cooked in a pot

with carrots and celery, the barest pinches 
of fresh cut garlic, 

oil, wine, and an almond roux, 
with a micron of cumin.

I can see, quite easily, why 
she was wounded.