I’m going to tell you something
That I’ve never ever shared.
It’s partly ’cause it’s personal
But mostly no one cares.
It’s the way I deal with underwear
When it comes from the dryer.
And I am being serious:
Drawers aren’t topics for satire.
Each boxer brief is just the same
They’re all the Kirkland brand.
Except for color difference
Each boxer brief is bland.
See, some are gray and some are black
And washed in different loads.
When I stack them, though, I alternate
And each day’s a crossroads.
One day the pair that sits on top
Is black as deep, dark night.
While the next day’s gray’s
A subtle blend of colors black and white.
I know it’s rather silly
To arrange them in this way
But it’s just this special stacking
That adds nuance to my day.