your smile is soft,
for a second i think it’s for me.

i look over my shoulder to see who you’re really looking at,

a bee lands on a flower behind me.

my heartbeat quickens.

i still love you,
i bite my tongue.

i’ll add princess diana to my mental do not disturb list.

corn dogs to the do not eat menu.

the first purge to my unwatch file.

maybe i should stop taking those buzzfeed quizzes,
there’s no way they really know my soulmates zodiac sign.
how could they, solely based off the hilariously bad date i’ve planned?
is the average taurus particularly into popping pimples and eating ham and cucumber sandwiches?

the list of songs i should never listen to always ends up in my queue anyway.

how did i get where i am today?
i shouldn’t have come today.

this is the worst game of hide and seek,
you’re searching for her, i’m searching for you.

it’s easy for bees and spiders to hide
but it’s also easy to get squashed.