Look at all these notebooks
lying around…
inside, observations of
constricting developmental delays
and miraculous milestones,
documented progress intermixed with
stick people, stick bugs,
mispelled words,
scribbles, doodles,
visual toddler to do lists,
random letters to important people
asking for change
to help my boy.
Notes from therapies
ABA implemented by mother, me.
Spiral bound
his history
starting at two
looking for clues
as to where his words went,
why he flapped his hands just so,
stared at spinning spots,
walked-danced on tip toe.
Spiral bound notebooks
fill his room
far from Blue’s Clues
filled with stories,
comics by his own hand,
words, whole sentences,
thoughts on God and daily life.
He is grown,
straight A student,
NHS scholar,
College bound.