A red wheelbarrow
Rolls in white space
Chipped paint
And rust

Apple half-eaten
Stain on the rot
Function and rough use
Bright steel
Under lipstick
And prayer

Grey hair and
Blue smoke ages
On the window glass
Or mirror
I wandered lonely
As a cloud

Distant purple
Borderland at dusk
The open furnace closes
Fire over water
The storm birds of silence
Yield to the cricket
No relief

Incense memories
From the pores and
Eyes of the church
Pink marble altar
Green silk vestment
Moan of an organ
Grey night fallen
Quiet as velvet
On a stained glass

The Halo head woman
Prays in remembrance
Her hands are vanished
Her mouth is darkness
The deep iron veins
Separate form from color
I have met them
At close of day
Changed utterly
A terrible beauty