Dear Andrew,

         I wish you would have written to me sooner. I appreciate you reaching out to me nonetheless. I know how confused you are and how out of control things must seem at the moment. But don’t you remember when you were late for your baseball game and didn’t get to start but hit a home run when you were out in? You won’t feel this way forever and this challenging time will pass. It’s an opportunity and a privilege when you lose yourself to find yourself again. Your journey to do so will be rewarding in its own way. You’ll just have to accept that part about your life. But it’s your life and that will make it special. And if you ever don’t feel special, know you’re special to me. If other people or you, yourself don’t see or understand that, just know they or you will recognize it eventually. It’s very rare to figure anything out and even more rare to put it all together at once. My experience has been slowing down and appreciating every little victory really helps. I hope to hear from you soon again, good or bad news please let me know how you’re doing. 

                                                     Love, your Aunt,