Took two hours to get out of bed this morning
because there was too much comfort
in the words “zero obligation.”
Besides a few adult things
to be peppered into this freedom,
this is seven days,
one hundred and sixty eight hours
devoted so much to me, 
I’m not even required to shower.
(Don’t worry, I’ll do that much at least,
I love how my hair feels after)
The wind is currently blowing through my hair
as I sit outside my apartment writing
in the beautiful sun
because I can do that today.
No “basically having to run a restaurant for my job,”
not this week.
And despite the fact that I’ve recently endured
heartbreak and lost friendships, I find
the friends that are still around
and the friends I’ve yet to meet
sustain me.
And honestly, I kind of like not having
an “other” to draw me into
payments of attention
as if the rent is due.
Life is not about the next dollar you make,
or the next lover you kiss,
or the next vacation you take.
Those are nice for sure
but it’s all about finding contentment,
loving yourself regardless of circumstance
and looking to tomorrow with an eye of hope.
Today I’m getting a little work done on the car.
Tomorrow some laundry and maybe I’ll catch a movie.
After that, quite frankly
I don’t really care.