Letters out and I hope they find
a heart that’s learned to accept some grace.
No one wanted to see you crash like this.

You might have gotten yourself stuck
in the mire of anxiety and never healing wounds
but it doesn’t mean we’re going to leave you lost.

It’s just, what can be done when the broken
has fallen in love with the space between their shards
with all the shadows they offer for hiding?

One can only get to know you so far
before they go walking off an edge
and people get tired of getting dropped,

they get tired of wasting energy,
get tired of unintended rejection
tired of zero meaningful reciprocation.

We become our own implosions
not because we choose implosion, but rather
it’s the logical end to too much self-reliance.

Humanity is meant for community.
Some mountains are too tall to climb alone
and many only know God through the kindness of others.

These letters that will soon meet your eyes
are our hands trying to help you rise
from mire to mountaintop.

We do this for the simple fact
that God never gives up on His children,
so who are we, even exhausted, to do any different?