I’m not over it,

And I think I’ll always grieve it

I was never one to wear a dress

Or put a ton of makeup on,

Or heels I could barely walk in

But in this case, I didn’t get the choice

Prom was stolen from me,

Whether I wanted it or not

It’s the cheesy scene in every coming-of-age movie

The night where we are forever young

A cliche but a milestone

Something to remind us life doesn’t have to be so bad


Along with prom,

We never got to indulge in a senior breakfast,

Or enjoy senior skip day,

Play like kids at senior field day, and

We never got a formal graduation

I’ll admit I guess they tried their best

Giving us what they could,

But part of me thought

When the pandemic is over,

They’ll hold a real prom and real graduation

Just for us


They tell us for 12 years what we need to graduate,

And we worked hard,

Not even knowing what we wanted in life

We still showed up and did the damn thing,

Yet here I am 2 years later

Watching this years class

Walk across a stage with their friends and family watching every step

I see video after video of graduates throwing their cap,

Balloons on a mailbox

To mark a graduation party


I am grateful for what I got

But I can’t help but feel a little lost,

And a little pissed off,

There is no going back

And I feel it made us all grow up even quicker,

And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way

So here’s to the class of 2020