Full to the level
The rainbow drew true lines
and contrasted the earth into shaggy clouds.
The cardinal sang as haphazardly as dreams, 
careening past limits of time.
The water rose into the brim,
rose into a pearl,
swimming in color, leaping into our irises.

Someone said to me, “I’m 80.
It’s just a number.” I said,
“You’ve never been old.”

Here we have become petals
arranged around a center.
Light feet, no weight to them,
tickling the earth.

Oh Mother, you drew me forth
from black emptiness, found everywhere, 
into the electric pulse, the lightning bolt,
the blinking eye of this life.
How each second
becomes something that is parsed out,
how do hearts form and dance with each other,
how is laughter pulled;
how it escapes from the pull-
the heavy pull of compression, 
the stirring swamp of thunder,
the cracking smile of the sky
just as solid as this ball of dirt
and all of these two leggeds
from which music is flowing
like the astounding or miraculous breath of life, itself.

The snake curls in the roots of the great tree,
deafening trills and colors
drowning our madness with feelings.
There is something to feel –
there is something to desire,
to know and to consider, 
some things distant or unseen.
Forming is a feeling,
Forming is Love.