I’m in a recording studio with my niece, Natalie (who’s only three years younger than me), and she’s made a video with Miley Cyrus that will play on a college campus-vision channel. She hits the “Submit” button and it goes live, so she asks me to check it out on the way to class. I walk through the hallways (I’m back in college, I guess, and I wonder how many classes I’ve missed) and I stop at a video with a “Disney Channel” bug in the bottom right corner. It’s showing a mash-up of Ren & Stimpy cartoons and music videos. I grab someone over and say, “My niece made that!” and they shake me off, moving back on their path.

I get to class and I’m in my old room at my dad’s house (before he died and we had to give it back to the bank, I guess). I’m with some friends, but can’t remember who, and my pocket buzzes. My phone has a notification and the app is something I’ve never seen before. I read this message before waking up: