Several have wandered away in the wispy evening, others rejected
for instance, I refused to write a parody of the Dead Milkmen’s 
“Now Everybody’s Me”  called “Now Everybody’s Gay”
I realized that the entire 2nd half of the song
references a left handed, Lesbian, midget, albino Eskimo
“Life can be very difficult for the young lady”

Nor did I write about the big Dead & Co. show
Where the pretty girls must have been required to wear
almost nothing, but talked too much and many of the 
handsome boys appeared to be rookies destined to be cut
from the Psychedelic Warriors who also talked too much

I didn’t pick on patchouli chicks this year, perhaps for the first time

I didn’t write about the US Women’s Soccer Team
but I’m still watching all the games

I was not prepared to write about the deaths of
the “fucking bobcat” I wrote about last year
hit by a car in the alley or the “last feral cat” (also last year)
who died of lumps in the lungs

I was going to write about the way forward
But Philip Corley did that for me today

I didn’t see any poems about Brittney Griner, which surprised me
maybe I missed them

Brittney, wrong place, wrong time, wrong stuff
I’m so afraid you are fucked
Paraded like a pink elephant
to the kangaroo court
Tomorrow you have a 1% chance
of not being doomed

Remember, all governments would like this power
Soon, it may happen here
and many will think that’s a-ok
Free Brittney