Stuff, Stuff, Stuff
Stuff in closets from
ceiling to floor
stuff on shelves and 
lots more
stuff on window sills,
in cupboards,
under beds.
Stuff in drawers,
on tables,
behind doors.
Stuff in the attic,
stuff in the garage.
Stuff in baskets and boxes.
Paper bags, plastic bags, shopping bags
old pictures, old books,
old newspapers and clippings
old magazines, cards and old letters
old calendars, old note pads
knick-knacks, what-nots
do-dads and thingamabobs
figurines, candles, silk flowers
waxed fruit, jars of nails and
screws, washers, old razor blades,
wire hangers, old pillows, 
old jewelry, broken and tarnished
old clothes pins, bobby pins, hair pins,
straight pins, safety pins
pin cushions and needles
old curlers, old shoulder pads
balls of string, wads of rubber bands,
little bars of souvenir soaps, road maps
and travel brochures.
Old brushes and combs
and old tins of shoe polish
old flower pots and paint cans
ball point pens, old tissues left
in pockets and purses
old jars, bottles and
Cool Whip containers
old bottle openers and can openers
old keys without locks
cups without handles, plates that are cracked
all bits and pieces of life’s past with
no place in the future,
now become just