You asked me if I was okay,
What a stupid question.
I’ve spent all my worry tokens
And won the prize of worrying what my family will do if I get shot
Some would say it’s part of being human,
Others would say it’s part of living in America.  

Blame the deppression all you want
We should know better by now,
But what am I gonna do about it?
Slap the guns out of our forefathers’ hands?
Give my sorry testimony that will get sympathy nods
But no real change?

Just this morning,
A friend joked that if she was going to get shot at school
It better be before math class.
I laughed along.
Knowing they didn’t check our bags that morning.
Cause how else do we deal with it all?

How else do we deal with knowing we’ve been abandoned.
Left to those drunken with power and bullets.
So don’t you dare ask if I’m okay.
Because you haven’t cast aside your gun yet.
And recognized that death is a right,
But gunfire doesn’t have to be.