Common human experience:

(occassionally for the blessed;
frequently for the cursed)

not getting enough of
this or that
which we really need

not enough money: can’t pay the bills; can’t go out
not enough sleep: dulled wit; slow bodily response
not enough food: low energy; pissy mood

we could go on,
but you get the picture

in recent years, it seems,
we have entered
The Subminimal Age

during which we get so much less of
this or that
which we really need
we are left at
less than zero

can you pay all your bills, or 
do you never have enough

do you get plenty of sleep, or
are many nights restless, dream-free

do you eat quality food, or
mostly processed crap

(things like hugs–you know–
everyone needs a certain amount
of human touch, but these days
you may not get enough
to even feel you are still human)

if you don’t think 
“the struggle is real”
just wait–

The Subminimal Age
is coming for you, too,
and she will take it all