“Out with the old
And in with the new”

I hum while tossing my dirty laundry
Into a dollar-store garbage bag.

What’s done is done
And what’s said is said,
And all I can do
Is tidy the mess it left in my bed.

The birds chirp around me,
I’m floating on air!
Love, love, love,
Despair, despair, despair.

I envy the old me,
But I bask in the glory too
Of me now, someone new.

If I had a beer for every time
I switched my personality,
I reckon I’d be drunk.

I fear that maybe, I am now.
I hate how you creep up on me
Everywhere, somehow.

A muse, 2nd muse, maybe 3rd if I’m lucky.
One shot and 4 beers
And I miss how you’d touch me.

Pools, garages, basements! What a thrill!
They all reek of you, yet I relish in the smell.

Love you, hate you
Which will I pick today?
Maybe tomorrow i’ll wake up
With my dirty laundry at your place.