Awareness expanded                                    
as pink animals flew over the crowd
before the band began to play
like a psychedelic floating barn yard
joined by a giant flying tuxedoed penguin.

Clouds floated up
to the penguin and pigs on a wing
as the bravery grew for the selected few
not thinking past the now.

Blanket trampolines
would find their own volunteer high flier
higher and higher each person would go
flailing about in midair with each launch
while the crowd screamed
higher, higher, higher.

And when they were too close to the sun
the make believe Eskimo would crash to the ground
where another dirty blanket
would become a pretend stretcher
to carry them far away. 

Dumb as a stump someone new would climb on
for the ride of their lives
Higher, higher, higher. 

We could not look away
amazed and confussed
while human size hail rained down
on the masses
the year that Elvis left the building for the last time.