Humidity rose from deep in the fields of grass

Heat vibrating amongst the air

A clash of Summer against the stillness of the world

She had arrived

In a full-on fury of sweat

Commemorating the journey from a dull sleep

Below the Earth under months of cold and frost

By cascading in connection with the Sun

Violent, white rays of light

Creating the ever most black of closed eyes

Unable to handle the strength of Her beauty

Sun bleaching sides of trees

And Sun scorching innocent leaves

Her fury She sees as a joy

To bring along a party of life and mischief

Amongst the quite lands

She dances across

While Earth silently basks in this whirlwind

Receiving at times the joy

But at times receding back to avoid Summer’s ego

But an ego She does not see

She continues to dance, swirling around

Humidity like a hurricane around Her

Her season’s warmer each year

But not by her own doing

man has encouraged this

man has created the disrespect

man has lacked the compassion

Summer continues in Her bounty

Of heat and sweat

For only She sees growth

Green trees and lush forests

Babbling water gleaming from the Sun

The Earth singing with Life

That would otherwise be tucked away

From the burden that is the cold

But tries to receive Her gift

Tries to see the joy of

Her Summer days