In keeping with the times
The truly amazing way the temperatures rise
With chains connected to monsters in the ocean
Dragging them up to wreck my day.
Every year, over the hump of the solstice
Is a furious downhill plummet into oblivion
Crashing into boulders hard enough to dislodge them
So they roll on after and crush me at the bottom.
It’s insane how my luck divides me down the middle
Exposing everything inside to caustic flares of the sun
Making me hate life for a quarter of a year
Where the right and the left turn in like a pincer trap,
My heart thoroughly pierced in the middle.
Envy, anger, loss, betrayal
Every possible darkness even in sunlight
Collide in a hopeless struggle to find a reason
Why today means something.
My curse, your gain
Your something to never have to think about again,
Except you’re just another phase.
The angle of the Earth’s axis that places God’s wrath
On a direct path to a better tomorrow.
That’s all the summer sun is,
A story of survival until brighter days
When the Earth turns a certain way
That turns an eye in my direction
No matter who it belongs to
As long as the intentions are good.
Sometimes that’s all the meaning a day can have,
That there’s still life in the end.