If you look past the wooden houses, and the paper people inside, you’ll see the fire spread.
  When I see my friends, their chests burst at the sight of me.
  All covered in red, the monsters race through the streets.
  They’re for me, and the bodies left behind are free.
  They’ve already paid the toll to cross the river.
  Your shadows creep up out of your mouth, and they carry with them all your belongings.
  Now that you’re alone what will you do?
  What did you want to be?
Could you find the money?
I wanna watch the flood today.
  Underneath a blue sky, always trouble underneath the sunshine.
  Little figurines dance on their shelves, as the people are sold for what they’re worth in the world.
  The bubble bursts, and they end up in the streets on fire.
  From their little houses, all their money’s burned them to ashes.
  All my friends tell me, they’ve all forgave me for the future.
  It’s just life catching up with me.
  The child has grown, and he’s gone mad.
  I blame all the forces that made me what I am.
  The collapse of the society, pushes us into ground.
  Were we ever free, or did we dream up our lives?
  You fall forward, my hands hold your pockets.
  I’ll follow you into the grave, the rest into the sky.
  Their leaving the world, and we’re saying goodbye.
  No one is  ready to see the sky.
  Open eyes of children, and they fly so far away.
  The fires and the beasts have beat us down.
  My mouths full of dirt anyhow.
  I can’t see anymore.
  Is this what it was I was looking for?
No one is ready to see the fires they’ve created.
  It’s so far into the future, I’ll die before it reaches me.
  I can feel the ashes on my bones.
  I can feel the fire, in my worthless soul.
  If you look past the wooden houses, and the cemetery trees.
  You might find a blue hole in the sky.
  A ladder built out of my possessions.
  Finally giving me rebirth.
  This is leaving the world, and this is what it’s worth.
  A world covered in all the things that gave way under us.