When David ordered the ark 
down to Jerusalem,
a dutiful rule follower
(like me) steadied the Lordbox
with his hand and was 
struck dead which was
a terrible deal
since he was just trying to help.
And afterward when David
in his linen ephod
several sizes too small
danced in front of servant girls 
his wife speaking 
the truth in love (as I often do)
told him how undignified
He was, how embarrassing
He was, how unseemly 
He was,  because she too
was just trying to help
her husband not to be a laughing stock
but instead her sass got struck 
barren until death 
and David, his junk on display in the big parade 
got a medal for faith
or something, so here
I am to tell you, children, 
you better undignify yourself
and lose the tending of rules
you use to measure who 
is in and who is out because God’s
not into rules or boundaries apparently
or levels or codes, but instead
loves the rash and the desperate,
the humiliated and the effusive,
the reckless, 
seeing every pain as ecstasy 
and naked dancing with unhinged joy
(which is a disappointment since I’ve never)
you may enter the kingdom and
carry your dark ablutions with you
like martyrs who by the kindness  of
their death are purified and forgiven.